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What my Clients say:


“Her amazing style, creativity, and inspiration continue to shape my career-she is a true inspiration”

Ruth Williams

Director of Community Nursing Services SWB NHS Trust

“I know no other facilitator who is as skilled as Wendy. The learning is through enquiry and discovery, which means that it is more likely to stay with the delegates. They have the luxury of ‘thinking time’ to digest and explore what they are hearing and seeing ensuring that they maximise learning time and are able to contextualise it so that behavioural change is the result.”

Solihull Medicines Management Team

“I would just like to thank you for an outstanding training session. Your grasp of the project and ability to give confidence to people to ‘stand-up’ and make a statement is amazing - we are so fortunate to have had this opportunity through MacMillan’s involvement in the project”

Maggie Matthews 

Macmillan Cancer Support

“You know when you have been Wendyed!”

Karen McGowan


“Wendy developed a Readiness for change workshop for us, and we had amazing feedback, I would recommend her for change events”

Carrie James
Queens Nurse

“What The Wendy Effect won’t give you is the absolute-finished programme with exact content prior to the start date. The content of each session will be built to the delegates dependent upon their needs and understanding. Even when the session is written and presented, it is even then delivered in response to the learning style of the group, on the day! That level of bespoke service is very rare.”

South West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group

“Wendy is a trusted advisor to the public sector organisations and charities she works with.”

Jean Hutfield

National Association Equipment Providers Chair

“It is her personality and her valuable insight that leave people in awe of what ‘The Wendy Effect’ has done for them personally and in their chosen career path.”

Jules Perks


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