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Wendy Garcarz
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About Wendy

My Story

I am Wendy and my passion is ensuring others succeed in their business.  I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to make business as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  I help them take control of their operations and finances, plan a profitable future and turn their ideas into new income streams.

My purpose in life is simple: To see women-led enterprises everywhere flourish, so that we are recognised as the engine house of the world’s economy.


My journey as a business owner spans more than 30 years and has taught me that success is rooted in your willingness to learn new things and your capacity to adapt to change.  Too many women in business censor themselves and never harness the creativity that could help them do more, be better and achieve their potential.


I have survived 3 recessions and a global lockdown and with each challenge, I have learned valuable lessons and become a stronger business owner.  I want to share these shortcuts with others to save them time, money and pain.  I became an author to reach a wider audience with these messages.

I have an online business club that teaches owners the three tenants of running a micro business: 

  • How to stabilise their business, building a solid foundation from where they can grow

  • How to prioritise their decisions and actions to focus on the things that produce great results

  • How to monetise their ideas and turn them into profitable income streams.

I come from a generation of underestimated women; taken for granted, with limited opportunities and often overlooked. That has fuelled a passion in me for fairness.  I want women business owners to get the recognition they deserve, the same funding opportunities that are open to any SME and the recognition that they are part of the engine house of our economy. 


We are about to enter a period of regeneration where it will be easier to get forgiveness than permission, and we need to push at the boundaries others place around us.

It is my mission to enable as many women as possible to do exactly that

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