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The Wendy Effect Story

In the bustling landscape of modern entrepreneurship, a pivotal force known as The Wendy Effect has, for over three decades, helped business owners and corporate leaders navigate the changing landscape of business ownership, fuelled not by conformity, but by a fierce dedication to difference.


The Wendy Effect is a catalyst for change—where inspiration illuminates the path to success for those who wish to embrace it.

The Wendy Effect is about creating confident leadership with a growth mindset and bold ambitions.


Amidst the predictable offerings of traditional business practices, I strive to stand out because I know that discerning clients don't seek average; they crave distinction.


Through relentless innovation and a disruptor mindset honed over thirty years, I have sculpted a unique innovator skill set that is targeted at the top 5% of leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.


My journey has not been one of conformity but of disruption, where predictability yields to quirkiness and innovation provides game-changing strategies. I have created a pathway for transformation, where businesses cease to be mere entities and emerge as beacons of distinction in their respective markets.


My clients include corporate leaders, business entrepreneurs and founders who are keen to innovate and bring new ideas to market. They take their business seriously and know what they have to do to make it successful. They have a growth mindset, are quick, intelligent, and curious.  Not only that, but they have tenacity, they have high standards and are measured risk-takers.

Most importantly, however, they think strategically and see the bigger picture. I love their resilience, their courage, and their humour.  I love their creative problem-solving, I love their humility and their generosity of spirit. I love their bravery and their ability to take risks.


They describe the Wendy Effect as

·      “The honesty, empathic, supportive approach that offers challenge and accountability”

·      “I love the insights you offer that made me think differently about the potential of my business”

·      “I love the fact that you seem to know what I needed in my business before I did”.


The Wendy Effect has a training and development hub that is a centre for the daring, the visionary, and the action focused. Here, business owners and leaders congregate, not to tread familiar paths, but to embark on a journey of discovery. They are the modern-day pioneers, with aspirations stretching beyond the horizon, guided by their values and a sense of social responsibility.


In the 2% Club, leaders find more than just guidance; they find a challenging and supportive environment that is focused on growth. Through rigorous introspection and collective wisdom, they hone their visions, crystallise their purpose, and unleash the full potential of their enterprises.


So, to all the dreamers, the innovators, and the disruptors, The Wendy Effect offers a promise of transformation and growth, and a testament to the power of difference. Come and have a look at how the Wendy Effect can work for you.

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