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  • Tailored Coaching Packages

    Just starting out or looking to scale your business? 1. The Road Map Coaching package consists of three one-hour sessions focused on a particular goal or project. (i). The first session outlines the issue, sets clear goals and timescales. (ii). The second session maps out the tactics needed to achieve it. (iii). The third session gives a detailed implementation plan (the road map) with built-in milestones and accountability mechanisms. Course Price =£595 or 3 x £209 monthly instalments. Contact me for details and payment options. 2. Are you ready to operate at the next level? The Level Up package is six one-hour sessions focused on moving you from an operational leader focused on detail, to a strategic leader able to function at a strategic level with all that it entails. The sessions identify where you are now and how to take you up a level with (i). Horizon scanning, (ii). Market analysis, (iii). Risk identification and mitigation, (iv). Decision-making, (v). Influencing & persuasion and (vi). Transformational change. Course Price = £1250, or 6 x £215 monthly instalments. Contact me for details and payment options. 3. Are you ready to realise your full potential? The transformation package is twelve one-hour sessions created to embed a growth mindset and remove the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your potential. This process begins with a detailed assessment of your starting point and includes a Skills' Analysis, a Myers-Briggs Personality Type assessment and a Career Anchors Analysis to give a clear development pathway to follow. Course Price = £4500, or 12 x £399 monthly instalments. Contact me for details and payment options.

  • Training and Development Courses

    Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive training and development packages. From leadership skills to marketing strategies, we offer a range of workshops and seminars designed to enhance your professional skills and drive business growth. 1. Masterclasses: Single day training sessions delivered in house or online • Work Smarter, improving personal productivity • The big idea; turning an idea into an income stream • Creating your competitive edge • Advanced Communication Skills • Effective team working that delivers results 2. Training programmes; Developing strategic thinking capability. A 6-week online development programme. Seeing the bigger picture. The Big Idea from drawing board to income stream. A 4-week online practical implementation programme. Business planning for creative thinkers. A 3-week online programme that gives creative thinkers a model of business planning they can use year after year. Thinking on your feet; Mastering impromptu public speaking. A three-week online programme that gives techniques and strategies to craft and deliver compelling presentations and contribute valuable insights in meetings, when networking or when selling

  • The 2% Club Exclusive Membership

    In Wendy's 2% club, leaders will find more than just guidance; they will find a challenging and supportive environment that is focused on growth. Through rigorous introspection and collective wisdom, they will hone their visions, crystallise their purpose, and unleash the full potential of their enterprises. The 2% Club is an online exclusive Mastermind group dedicated to female entrepreneurs, disruptors, and innovators aiming to break through barriers and build successful enterprises in traditional market sectors. A guided 12- month events programme will lead you through a Mindset growth process which covers (i) Possibility, (ii) Critical analysis, (iii) Synthesis, (iv) Experimentation, (v) Critical Review, and (vi) Exposure. Topics Include: · Influencing & Persuasion · The importance of public speaking · Creating a following/love-mark · Developing your intelligence · Creative thinking & innovation · Becoming a disruptor · Credibility & gravitas · The value of clarity · Books; reading and writing, developing your practice · Growth mindsets · Perspectives & bias & limiting beliefs · Beyond imposter syndrome - self belief

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